Thierry Vanhuyssen 3

Thierry Vanhuysse, a 36 year old Belgian based photographer has a deep passi- on for creating images which implement certain emotions on people.

He does this by creating several of his images using Long Exposures Techni- ques. His goal is to let people see ima- ges which are very recognizable to eve- ryone, but in fact can never be seen in reality with our own eyes and in our own perception. Seeing images that took se- veral minutes to create is impossible to see in real life. This allows Thierry to cre- ate something that gives the impression to be several steps away from reality.

He loves to take that step away from the daily reality that surrounds us and invo- luntary pushes us into certain situations, decisions or emotions.

His images are mainly taken in cities, but also landscapes and nature draw Thier- ry’s attention.

He loves visiting foreign countries and has been to lots of interesting countries so far, with many more to come.

Artist work