Chanel Caviar


3D Artwork
53 × 53 cm


Gautier Caille2

Gautier Caille is a Swiss artist from street art. Fascinated by the work of Jonone, Futura and Dize, great graphic designers from the 1980s to 2000s, he bought his first spray cans at the age of 14 and set out to clandestine surfaces to be colored and sublimated. Today, his creation is based on the destruction, reconstruction, and mixing of luxury icons in order to emphasize their fragility and the ephemeral without ever slipping down the slope of moralizing discourse. On the contrary, he pushes the viewer to question the meaning of luxury by creating in his works a palpable tension between fascination and rejection, a great sense of aesthetics and violence. His still lifes, very accomplished and meticulous in plastic terms, are like inert utopias of luxury. Have you ever tasted haute couture caviar or dared to explode a bottle of grand cru?