Arrr…Pirates at FameGallery



12. September 2019

No it’s not Johnny Depp! This one is by far cooler…
This graceful picture, “The pirate”, shows the photographer’s dog, named “Ioli” which is, believe it or not, really missing her right eye.

We are very proud to have a photography of Elke Vogelsang, as FAMEGALLERY EXCLUSIVE. Today we would like to point her out and tell you more about her amazing journey, after which she ended up, as a very well known and loved photographer!
Have fun reading…

Survival, Career, Happiness

Dogs helped Elke Vogelsang through the toughest time of her life.
They inspired her to go into professional dog photography. And she really knows how to show the world that every dog ​​has it’s own personality.

Without her three dogs, Elke Vogelsang’s husband would probably no longer be alive. In December 2009, during Christmas holidays, she was at home in Hildesheim when her dogs “Noodles”, “Scout” and “Ioli” began to bark wildly.
Strange, she thought!
Usually her Spanish Greyhound trio is on the quiet side and only bark on very rare occasions. But they did not stop that day. They barked, ran through the apartment, from the bathroom back to Elke, over and over again. What is going on, Elke was thinking. So she called her husband’s name. No Answer.She went to the bathroom. The dogs kept jumping up and down. “I opened the door and saw what the dogs wanted to tell me all the time,” says Elke. Her husband was laying  in the bathtub unconscious and the water was still running. Thanks to her dogs, she arrived just in time, because he was already gargling water. She pulled him up and called the ambulance. As it turned out later, he had a massive brain hemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm. The dogs saved his life, “she says.
In the hospital, the medical staff put him into an artificial coma for two weeks. When he woke up, he could’t remember anything. He did not know where he was, not even in what decade he lived. Elke spent seven hours daily at the side of her husband and accompanied his recovery process.

From hobby to professional photographer

While Elke’s husband was still recovering in the hospital, she began to pursue her
dream: she started to take pictures. “To distract me, to free myself from the worries, for a creative balance and to maintain a bit of normalcy,” she says. In January 2010 she started a project: a photo every day. Since their only leisure time was to take their dogs for a walk every day, Noodles, Scout and Ioli were often the motives. However, the pictures were still often gray, melancholic and showed only simple scenes of going for a walk. Elke posted her favorite daily photos online.By mid-2010, Elke’s husband had recovered completely. He lived happily at home again, his memory completely returned.
And Elke continued to take pictures. Dogs remained her main motive. She photographed her three dogs, the dogs of friends and those who were waiting in the shelter for a new home. More and more inquiries landed in her e-mail inbox. In the year 2011 Elke decided to register a business as a photographer. She turned her hobby into a job.

The business began rather slowly, but Elke remained motivated and enjoyed her project. Every day she shot photos, every day she published her favorite on the social networks. She was getting known better and better, her pictures more colorful and optimistic. Print and online media bought their photos or asked them to write articles about dog photography. Interest in her work also grew at the international level. Her photos ended up on more than 20 magazine covers worldwide. Today she is teaching other photographers in dog photography.
For Elke it was and still is 
a dream come true and “so all the misfortune had finally something good,” says the 45-year-old.